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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need A Secret Agent Sidekick Assistant ? 

Make a list of  your daily routine schedule such as answering emails, seeing clients, taking calls, screening clients, personal life, self care, family, etc... Now focus on the workload you get. Check on the tasks that actually give you returns and those that are necessary, but unproductive. If the most profitable activity sets at the bottom of your list, then you seriously need an assistant.

Having a personal assistant allows you to focus on more important things other than answering emails, taking phone calls, updating  your website, and a myriad of other things you'd rather not be doing . Having a Secret Agent SideKick, maximizes your time , maximize your earning potential, and allows you to make the most out of your schedule so you can  focus on the things and people that actually matter. It free's up you so you can focus on spending time with your clients and making money.  It's not about working harder but working smarter.

What Are Your Hours ? 

I am available Mon-Fri days a week from 10am - 8pm CST . I can extend my days and hours as well to suit your needs and timezones.


What If I'm In Another State ? 

Not a problem, we don’t even have to meet each other.  I've worked with many clients remotely. We can set everything up in your town just with our computer. Actually, everything we do is way of the computer anyways. If you have any problems, we are just a phone call away.


Where do We Begin ? 

That's simple, you can fill out the form on my contact page or email me and we can set up a time for a phone call. A phone call is a great way to connect. We can get a feel for eachother and see if we are a good fit and based on your goals figure out what package best suits your needs. 


How do I pay you ? 

​Once we come to a decision on what package you need I can be paid a few different ways. I accept all payments through paypal, venmo, or google wallet. Im paid the Sunday before I start and every Sunday by 5pm there after , unless you are opting for the monthly package.

Once payment has been received please reach out to me and we will get to work. Keep in mind Im a professional like yourself and my time is valuable, so please make sure that you are ready, once I am paid I do not offer refunds.  

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