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Personal Assistant Services

In this industry, you  can never be too safe.

To be a successful independently, you have to know how to screen and book calls, know how to answer emails in a prompt and professional manner and have excellent customer service skills. You will also have to know who, what and where to avoid when setting appointments. Providing advanced solutions for helping you develop airtight safety and security protocols helps keep you safe. Taking calls, Client Services, answering and filing your emails in rapid response time to maximize your personal time with clients.

Gives you piece of mind knowing that someone out there has you covered.


FT  500 Weekly    1800 4 Weeks

PT 450 Weekly    1600 4 Weeks

Work Remotely No matter where you are 

Answering your emails

Professional/Confidential Client Relations

Thorough Screening and Verification

Checking References

Filing, Labeling, Organizing Emails

Schedule your appointments

Social Media Audit

Marketing/Brand Consult

Safety Check In

Enforcement of Cancellation Policy

Manage your schedule/calendar

Pre-appointment follow-up with clients

Post appointment follow-up with you

Post appointment follow-up with clients

Build a contact/mailing list for your home city 

Send out email/marketing blast

Create a safety protocol for you

Available to you on call

by your hours as needed


550 Weekly    2000 4 Weeks


Touring Assistant Services

Secret Agent PKG included


Additional Services::

Creating/Posting your ads

Content Writing/Editing of ads

Developing an ad placement schedule

Determining a touring schedule

Identifying the best markets to place your ads

Administrative Management 

Photoshoot consult/LookBook

Monthly Newsletter
Developing/Maintaining Client database online

Create and maintaining a  mailing list for your home city and/or the cities you tour

Sending out tour updates to your mailing lists

 Personal tasks and lists accomplished

per your request

 Recommendations  and suggestions per your request



600 Weekly     2200 4 Weeks

Not just an assistant, but a partner,

someone to help you develop the tools

for long term success.

Who can help you carefully

strategize a plan of attack. Its important to put together the right team for your mission.

To have the minions that keep you on target

to accomplish your goals. Having access to

a pool of talent that can help you establish,

build, and customize your brand. 

Evolving that brand over time so you can stand out in a crowd and achieve long term sustainability in your market. 

SASK Tour Asst Inncluded

Additional Services ::

Digital Content Coaching

Social Media Consult/Posting

Marketing and Brand Development 

Project Collaboration and Pooling Ideas 

Ala Carte



$250*  -  Package of 6 screens 

$325*   -  Package of 10 screens

$375*   - Weekly Unlimited

$1200*- Monthly Unlimited 

*+25% of what is booked

$175*  -     1 day    -   M

$275* -    2 days -  M/T

$350*  -   3 days -  M/T/W

$400* -   4 days -  M-Th

Saturdays   -    +$200* 

*25% of what is booked 



$250 Weekly

$800 Monthly


$350 Weekly

$1000 Monthly


$250 Weekly

$800 Monthly

Ask about discount

pricing for combined

Social Media Services

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